Site Builds

Site builds offer a cost effective, permanent space alternative to traditional brick buildings. Built-on-site structures can be designed to meet any floorplan. Erected on a concrete foundation slab, Abacus buildings are solid and pleasing to the eye.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Site Build Option

  • High erection speed
  • Design to any floorplan
  • Permanent look and feel
  • Low maintenance
  • Less expensive than bricks and mortar

Abacus provide panelised buildings that are designed and erected on site on a reinforced concrete raft foundation slab. The floorplan is totally flexible and can be tailored to the customers exact needs. The walls, roof and fittings are manufactured in an ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified factory. Built to withstand harsh climatic conditions, the buildings are fully insulated to deliver a high level of comfort. The roofs are sloped to ensure that water runs off and there are no leaks. These building require less maintenance than a painted brick structure.

All of these features result in a ‘solid’ feel with the aesthetics of a permanent building. Whilst the slowest erection speed of Abacus’ offerings (+- 12 m/2 per team per day), site builds are still faster and less expensive than traditional bricks and mortar.

As the build is a permanent structure, it is not relocatable and is provided as a sale option only.
Optional Rational Design Certification is available.

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